Why Me?

Love YogA?

Here’s What I Bring To The Table…

  • My firm understanding of voice and tone as it relates to branding means that I’ll speak to your clients in their language, signalling to them just how deeply you understand them and their pain points
  • My grasp of marketing, the customer journey, and storytelling, as well as how content factors into that picture means that every piece of work I produce for your brand will help invigorate customers at critical touch points along their journey and power them through your sales process.
  • By thinking creatively and critically about how to present your brand as an authority at all times, my content is always on target and doesn’t stray from the goal of communicating your agencies value proposition clearly.
  • As your B2B freelance writer, I will write evergreen content that will create a long-lasting connection between your digital agency and your clients. Whether its a blog post, an ebook or a whitepaper, my pieces will masterfully stitch together your client’s needs and your agencies expertise.