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The Video Vacuum System

Laugh Cry Buy

Fire Your Graphic Designer

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The Video Vacuum System

The Video Vacuum System is an 11 module ebook where I’ll teach you, a total newbie, my exclusive, super simple system I use to write hypnotic video sales letters that end up making me as much as $300 a day while I sleep!

The course features countless templates and checklists, and to add even more value, I include 8 of my own custom video vacuum templates,valued at over $400, which are PowerPoint themes that will help your vsl’s pop without making them too distracting.

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What’s Included?

Module 1 | Vacuum

The vacuum is the first part of your video vacuum and its what I use in the video sales letter at the top of this page. The goal of the vacuum is to suck your listener into the video and hold their attention as you move on to the other parts of the system. In this module, we’ll discuss three different kinds of vacuums you can use in your video sales letter.

Module 2 | Differentiator

After your vacuum has done its job, its now time to let your listener know what makes your product different from all the others out there and why they should continue watching your sales video. In this module, I teach you a lot of the lessons I learned in the persuasion book I mentioned earlier.

Module 3 | Who Am I?

After you differentiate your product, its now time to introduce yourself and begin building credibility with your listeners. Here you let them know why they should trust and buy from you.

Module 4 | Story

In the 4th module I throw in a separate course called Laugh, Cry Buy, where I teach you how to master the art of storytelling.

Module 5 | Product Reveal

After building up all of that anticipation with the first four parts of your video vacuum, it is now time to reveal the product that will help them solve all of their problems.

Module 6 | Proof

In a perfect world, your customers would believe everything you said and never second guess you. But, we don’t live in a perfect world, we live in one filled with scammers and liars and customers will always be skeptical before making a purchase.

Module 7 | Offer

Its now time to get a little more aggressive and let your users know that if they want to get their hands on this product, they will have to fork out some money within the near future.

Module 8 | Guarantee

Here we help those who are on the fence feel a little more secure about their purchase by letting them know that they have nothing to lose. In this module we discuss the different kinds of guarantees you can use with.

Module 9 | Bonuses

Sweeten the deal by throwing in a few bonuses to help make your customers’ buying decision a little easier. Here we discuss a few places you can go to create bonuses for your products.

Module 10 | FAQs

One of the most powerful things you can do when it comes to selling, is bring up your customer’s objections before they do. In this module, I give you a few examples of me using FAQs from past sales letters.

Module 11 | Close

Now its time to finally bring the sale home with your close. In this module I show you how to re state your benefits and get your customers to click the buy button.

Laugh, Cry, Buy.

The power of a well crafted story is nothing short of magical and we’ve been telling them for so long, our brains are now wired to interpret them. They are, “an inextricable part of our DNA.” as researcher Svoboda Elizabeth puts it.

Laugh, Cry Buy is an ebook that breaks down my step by step system on how you can use stories in your video sales letters (or even sales copy) to hook people emotionally and make them buy.

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Fire Your Graphic Designer

This is a video course I created to teach the graphically challenged marketer just how easy it is to design your own graphics.

$297.97 FREE

The Content Cascade

Writing an ebook isn’t always easy, but its not as hard as most people think. As long as you have a good system in place and different templates to keep you on track like the ones included in The Content Cascase , you can go from a not so good writer to a content creating machine. 

$497.97 FREE