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A Modern Marketer Provides Actionable Affiliate Marketing Tips (* that work).

What is A Modern Marketer?

A Modern Marketer is the site I wish was around when I started affiliate marketing back in 2009. This site is a living, breathing collection of products, blog posts, tools, tips and tricks and resources all pointed towards the goal of helping you crush your affiliate marketing goals in as little time as possible. Enjoy the ride.

The Story

The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough books on affiliate marketing. In fact, there are too many. The problem is that by the time you’re finished reading that book, blog post or watching that video, the method is already outdated (if it even worked at all).

To add fuel to that already annoying fire, most of this content is written by marketers who make most of their money “teaching” you how to do it–they don’t make it from these methods they preach about.

I created A Modern Marketer to provide newbie affiliate marketers, like yourself, with actionable, up-to-date information that will make you money.

A Modern Marketer’s Goal

A Modern Marketer’s goal is to provide such high quality content, that you leave this site with something you can implement right now, that will make you money in the near feature

Check Out These Freebies

Here you’ll find a collection of free downloads that will either teach you how to do something, or allow you to do it faster. Most of the stuff you see below was either created or designed by me.

The Video Vacuum System 

The Video Vacuum System is an 11 module ebook where I’ll teach you, a total newbie, my exclusive, super simple system I use to write hypnotic video sales letters that end up making me as much as $300 a day while I sleep…

Fire Your Graphic Designer

This is a video course I created to teach the graphically challenged marketer just how easy it is to design your own graphics.

Laughy, Cry, Buy. 

The power of a well crafted story is nothing short of magical and we’ve been telling them for so long, our brains are now wired to interpret them. In Laugh Cry Buy, you’ll learn how to truly captivate any audience and command their attention so powerfully, you could sell them anything…